The Siblings Project {February 2018}

This is my first The Siblings Project post, linking up to Dear Beautiful. I try to take a lot of photos of the kids together, especially when we have events, and as often as I can, but hopefully this will help when we don’t have many plans.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

February is birthday month for both Holden (1st Feb) & Eden (12th Feb) so lots of opportunities for them together between birthdays, their parties and days out. They both love animals and that has definitely been the running theme this month as Holden wanted an animal birthday party and Eden asked to be able to feed lemurs at the zoo on her actual birthday!

At Holden’s 6th Birthday Party
Ready for Eden’s 3rd Birthday Party
Feeding the lemurs at Five Sisters Zoo on Eden’s 3rd Birthday
Ready for another party

I waited to publish this post until after the 22nd as on that day, Eden was exactly half Holden’s age. She was 3 years + 11 days, the same age Holden was when she was born and he was 6 years + 22 days. I thought that was a fun fact to note as it would be the only time it happens.

22nd February 2018 – Eden was exactly half of Holden’s age!

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