Hello and welcome to my new blog What Gaynor Did Next.

I’m Gaynor, a 41 year old wife, mum of two, and an Architect, living near Edinburgh. I married Graham in 2010 and we now have two children, a son called Holden (10) and a daughter called Eden (7). I love spending time with my family & friends and seeing the world, our next stop will be Singapore.

I have lots of adventures to document from all of our travels together, some that we took with Holden as a baby, a toddler, then with Eden as a baby and now with two children so this feels like a good place to start as well as writing about our daily adventures as a family of 4.


My first blog Our Day by Design was started back in 2009 when I was planning our wedding and I documented the whole process. I continued to write about our life when Holden was born then Eden, however, lately it just hadn’t felt like the right place to write about what we are up to now.